Safety Valve Pressure Relief Valve
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Safety Valve Pressure Relief Valve
Product Name:Safety Valve Pressure Relief Valve
Size range:DN15(1/2") to DN65(2-1/2")
Body material:PVC/CPVC/PVDF/PPH
Seat material:EPDM;FPM
Socket connection: DIN, ANSI, JIS
Design pressure:1.0-1.6Mpa(PN10-16 bar)

Feature of Valve

Body and diaphragm that touch medium are made from plastic and rubber.
EPDM cushion protect the PTFE diaphragm from over tighten, make sealing better.
Strengthen design of bonnet and body make the valve stronger and sealing better.
PTFE diaphragm is coated with EPDM cushion, extend the diaphragm working life.
Safety valve is unidirectional valve
Two springs ensure the valve regulate accurately
PN1.6 Mpa is customized if need

Never remove the valve from 
pipeline under pressure.
Valve should take pressure 
test after replace diaphragm


Leaking to the atmosphere

1.Bonnet bolts not properly tightened.
2.Line pressure exceeds maximum recommended 
line pressure.
3.Diaphragm has ruptured or has been chemically 
Valve can not open

1.Adjusting nut set incorrectly
2.Line pressure too low
Valve can not closed completely

1. Line pressure exceed adjusting bolt set

2. Diaphragm has ruptured

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