Diaphragm Valve Socket Type
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Diaphragm Valve Socket Type
Product Name:Diaphragm Valve Socket Type
Size range:DN15(1/2") to DN100(4")
Body materials:PVC
Diaphragm material:EPDM
Socket connection: DIN
Design pressure:1.0Mpa(PN10 bar)

Feature of Valve

◆ All the parts that will touch medium is made from thermo plastic.

◆ Socket connection for easy installation.

◆ Strong body and bonnet design extend the service life of valve.

◆ Bonnet seals to protect internals from corrosive environment.

◆ Pneumatic operation is optional.

Part material list
No. Part Name  Material Optional
1 Cap AS
2 Connector PP
3 Hand Wheel ABS
4 Stem Steel
5 Bolt&Nut Steel
6 Bonnet PVC
7 Pin Steel
8 Compressor Steel
9 Body PVC
10 Diaphragm EPDM

Dimension Sheet


●After replacing diaphragm valve, do not tighten bolts for bonnet and body with diaphragm in the closed position, excessive force could damage bonnet or body.

●Never remove the valve from pipeline under pressure.

What if fluid leaks when valve is fully closed?

1. Solid build up inside, clean inside.

2. Diaphragm or weir are worn or damaged, change the parts.

What if the valve can not be fully opened?

1. Diaphragm is not properly engaged with compressor.

What if fluid leaks to atmosphere?

1. Bonnet bolts not properly torqued.

2. Line pressure exceeds maximum recommended line pressure.

3. Diaphragm has ruptured or has been chemically attached, replace diaphragm.

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