Electric Actuated Butterfly Valve
Category: Butterfly Valve  Publish Time: 2015-09-09 07:50 

Electric Actuated Butterfly Valve
Product Name:Electric Actuated Butterfly Valve
Size range:DN50(2") to DN400(16")
Valve material:PVC/CPVC/PVDF/PPH/PP
Operating type:Open/shut;regulating
Power supply:DC24V;AC220V;AC380V

Feature of Valve

◆ 5 different materials of ball valve for optional.

◆ Open-close type and regulating type of actuator for optional.

◆ Different power supply of actuator is optional.

◆ Other accessories are optional if request.

Dimension Sheet

Actuator Wire Diagram


What if valve can not be open or closed.

1. The wire is not connected correctly.

2. The actuator choose is not big enough.

3. The input signal is incorrect.

4. The power supply is not correct as required.

The valve not completely open or closed when the indicator in the open or closed position.

1. The indicator set not correctly

2. The connector dimension not fit the actuator or stem accurately.