Level Gauge/Level Indicator
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Level Gauge/Level Indicator
Product Name:Level Gauge/Level Indicator
Size:DN15(1/2") to DN50(2")
Body materials:PVDF/PPH/PP
Seal materials:PTFE
Flange Connection: DIN PN10;ANSI CL150;JIS 10K
Type:diaphragm type

Feature of Level Indicator

◆ Diaphragm type, the flow rate could be adjusted accordingly.

◆ For application of different medium, offer 3 different plastic materials for optional.

◆ Dimension for glass hose is 20mm

◆ PTFE seals to protect medium leak to atmosphere.

◆ Suitable vertical installation on tanks

Part material list
No. Part Name  Material Optional
1 Cap AS
2 Cap Nut PP-G
3 Hand Wheel ABS
4 Bolt&Nut Steel;SS304
5 Bonnet PVDF/PPH/PP
6 Stem Steel;SS304
7 Compressor Iron
8 Cushion EPDM
9 Diaphragm PTFE
11 Bolt&Nut Steel;SS304
12 Seal PTFE /EPDM
13 Connector PVDF/PPH/PP

Dimension Sheet


●This level indicator is suitable for vertical installation only.

●Glass tube not supplied with level indicator.

Trouble shooting

What if fluid leaks to atmosphere?

1. EPFM diaphragm broken

2. Bonnet bolt not fasten tightly.

3. PTFE seal broken

4. Dimension of glass tube not properly

5. Glass tube bolt not fasten tightly.

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