Sight Glass Flange Type
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Sight Glass Flange Type
Product Name:Sight Glass Flange Type
Size:DN15(1/2") to DN300(12")
Body materials:PVC/CPVC/PVDF/PPH/PP
Glass materials:Borosilicate glass
Seal material:EPDM;FPM
Flange Connection: DIN PN10;ANSI CL150;JIS 10K
Design pressure:0.05Mpa(PN0.5 bar)

Feature of Sight Glass

◆ All the parts that will touch medium is made from corrosive resist material.

◆ For application of different medium, offer 5 different plastic materials for optional.

◆ Steel bolt support the glass body, make the sight glass stronger.

◆ Rubber seals to protect medium leak to atmosphere.

◆ Suitable for horizontal and vertical installation.

Part material list
No. Part Name  Material Optional
2 Seal Ring EPDM;FPM
3 Bolt&Nut Steel, SS3034
4 Body Silicon Glass

Dimension Sheet

Trouble shooting

What if fluid leaks to atmosphere?

1. Seal ring is damaged.

2. Bolt not fasten tightly.

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