True Union Ball Check Valve
Category: Check Valve/Foot Valve  Publish Time: 2015-06-15 13:39 

True Union Ball Check Valve
Product Name:True Union Ball Check Valve
Size:DN15(1/2") to DN50(2")
Body materials:PVC/CPVC/PP-H
Seal materials:EPDM
Socket connection: DIN;ANSI;JIS;CNS
Design pressure:1.0Mpa(PN10 bar)

Feature of Valve

◆ All the parts that will touch medium is made from thermo plastic and rubber.

◆ The design of ball orbital make the ball move straightly, reduce the leaking possibilities.

◆ Double union design is easy to replace and install of valves

◆ Hollow ball design make the valve seal better

◆ Simple structure make it easy to diagnose problem and repair valve

◆ Single or double flange end is optional.

Part material list
No. Part Name  Material Optional
1 Adaptor PVC/CPVC/PPH
2 Union nut PVC/CPVC/PP-H
3 Seal ring EPDM
6 Gasket PVC/CPVC/PP-H
7 Seal EPDM

Dimension Sheet


●The direction of flow should be same as the arrow indicated on Valve body. 

●Never remove the valve from pipeline under pressure.


What if fluid leaks?

1. Solid build up inside, clean inside.

2. The part no.4 seal ring broken

What if fluid leaks to atmosphere?

1. Union do not screwed tightly

2. The part no.4 seal ring broken

3. Line pressure exceeds maximum recommended line pressure.